Help us to help them.
Help young women overcome a past of tragedy and access a future full of possibility.

About Us


Excelsior's Mission

Excelsior Youth Center is committed to the treatment and education of young females to enhance their successful re-integration into their families and their communities.

Excelsior's Values

  1. We are committed to a core set of living values used to evaluate our successes and ensure we are providing an educational and emotional refuge for the adolescents and families we serve.
  2. We believe in the ability of our youth and their families to successfully complete their treatment and education goals.
  3. We succeed when our girls succeed.
  4. We are here to serve and develop the mind, body and spirit of our youth, families and employees.
  5. We will promote excellence in leadership, with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Excelsior provides a safe and secure environment to young women who, previously, have not been successful in other treatment placements.


Excelsior's history begins with the Catholic Order of the Good Shepherd Sisters. In 1912, the Sisters operated a home for young girls known as The Home of the Good Shepherd on South Colorado Boulevard. The Sisters and the girls did the laundry for the railroad and for several hotels. In 1968, the Sisters built a new facility and relocated to Aurora. Around this time, social service agencies, juvenile courts and the mental health system needed to place girls that were more difficult than the Sisters were able to handle. In 1972, they decided to close their program. At the time, the program capacity was 60; however there were only 28 girls in the program.

The facility was acquired by community and business leaders to continue providing for emotionally and behaviorally troubled young girls. It was renamed Excelsior Youth Center, which has largely expanded with additional cottages, a teen center and swimming pool and now houses 180 girls. 

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