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Help young women overcome a past of tragedy and access a future full of possibility.



Vocational training programs include a licensed Cosmetology School, Business, Food Service Training, Bicycle Maintenance and Repair, and Graphic Design.


The EYC cosmetology program is the only fully licensed program able to offer hours for Colorado State licensure within a treatment facility. We are very proud of this and we work very hard to ensure that the girls realize what a gift they are given to be in this program. The cost for a private vocational cosmetology program averages around $20,000 in Colorado, and these girls have the opportunity to receive this education for free. We are also licensed to offer hairstylist only and manicuring programs. We are proud of the many young women who have completed their Cosmetology training requirements at Excelsior and obtained their Colorado licenses. Many are currently employed in the Denver metro area. We have also transferred hours for girls who have moved home to more than 15 different states and have continued their education to become licensed Cosmetologists in their home states.

The Cosmetology Program also offers many benefits to girls at EYC who do not go into this field as a profession including hygiene and grooming skills, self-esteem and the knowledge that they are each special and unique. All of the residents at EYC also benefit from the program because they can earn the privilege of getting their hair and nails done each month, something many of them have never had the opportunity to experience before coming to EYC. We are excited to work with these girls and we appreciate staff and administrative support for our programs. It is also great to have staff come in for services; it really makes the girls feel professional and gives them a chance to show the skills they are learning. See you at the Excelsior Cosmetology Program anytime!

Culinary Arts

One of the most active and engaging vocational educational programs at Excelsior is the Culinary Arts program that meets daily in a specialized institutional kitchen. Up to 24 pre-selected students participate in one of two 10-week semester classes (morning and afternoon blocks) that feature introduction to cooking fundamentals and then expand to institutional cooking as a potential career path. Taught by Linda Tobin, honor graduate of the Art Institute of Colorado Culinary Arts program, the class begins with the basics of cracking an egg to preparing an omelet. Most of Excelsior's students are unfamiliar with home cooking and the joys of entertaining.

Together the classes host Coffee Friday when they run their own coffee shop where students and staff can buy a coffee drink, smoothie or piece of banana bread. The girls handle all aspects of Coffee Fridays from preparing the food to running the register. The funds raised enable the classes to invest in additional cooking equipment, appropriate white jackets and chef's hats and the ability to leave campus for field trips to visit restaurants and catering companies.

Funding needs include:

New industrial 6-burner stove with a double oven ($6-10,000)
Refurbished cooler (approx. $10,000)
Or 2 new regular stoves/ovens ($800 x 2 = $1600)

The program welcomes visitors to observe the transformation of our young women who are developing workable skills. The girls would enjoy hosting guest chefs who would share their talents either at the Center or in their own kitchens or catering kitchens.

Excelsior can explore the marketing opportunities of partnering with a restaurant or caterer with promotional activities.