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General Questions

Q: How long has Excelsior been around?
A: Excelsior Youth Center was founded in 1973

Q: How many girls are at Excelsior?
A: We can have up to 180 residential and 20 in Day Treatment

Q: What is the age of the girls?
A: 11-18 years old

Q: What is Excelsior's success rate?
A: 93% of our girls successfully discharge and go to a less restrictive setting

Q: What is Excelsior's rate?
A: Excelsior rate varies depending on the level of services provided and the specific contracts with public or private funding sources. Generally speaking, residential treatment is expensive; most families access funding from mental health, social services or other public funded agencies or have private insurance. Admissions staff can help families determine what funding options are available.

Q: How long do the girls stay at Excelsior?
A: It depends on the needs of each individual girl, but anywhere from one month to several years. The average time is 12.8 months.

Q: Where do the girls come from?
A: All around the United States, but 60% from Colorado

Q: Why is it just girls?
A: We have successfully focused on gender specific programming since 1973 and Excelsior is considered an expert on treating at risk girls.

Q: Why have I never heard of Excelsior Youth Center before?
A: Excelsior has been quietly changing girls lives without any promotion and publicity. Now Excelsior is actively sharing its message with the coummunity through public speaking, marketing and special events. To schedule public speaking contact Kathy Graveley.

Q: Do you accept in-kind donations?
A: Generally yes, but please contact Topya Billingsley

Q: Is Excelsior a 501(c)(3)?