Help us to help them.


Why Donate?

Please help us continue to serve the toughest girls in the country … the ones who need us the most.

Your gift today will provide safe, successful treatment and education for young women whose lives are changing daily.

Without you none of this is possible. Excelsior is supported through a range of funding that covers some of the programs we offer - the tools - for these girls. Now that so much funding from so many sources has shrunk, Excelsior must find the money it takes to provide these comprehensive services.

You are the key to helping these girls find their way back. No, we don't need you - the girls need you. It's that simple.


Other Options

Current Specialized Fundraising Efforts

  • $25 Reading and vocabulary games
  • $50 A bed-in-a-bag comforter for each resident
  • $75 Dance or yoga class for one girl for 10 weeks
  • $125 Rent deposit to help one transitioning girl set up her first apartment
  • $200 Equine therapy for one girl for 10 weeks

The girls have done so much to finally get where they are today but they cannot continue to succeed without you joining their team. Your donation will boost them up, knowing there exists a person in this difficult world who wants nothing from them but for them to succeed. This is an investment worth making. Thank you.

Colorado for example, reimburses Excelsior 83-cents for every dollar we spend to treat Colorado's most difficult teenaged girls. We anticipate a short fall this next year from Colorado alone. PLEASE HELP US!

The stories are too countless to share with you here about how each of these young women arrived at Excelsior Youth Center with broken hearts and spirits, angry, confused and unable to fit in wherever "home" was last. For most of our girls (and girls they are, beginning at 11 years old), Excelsior Youth Center is the very last stop before …

But we offer them the tools to use in shaping a new future. They will never rid themselves of their past - a past filled with hurt, abuse, shame, addiction, and anger - but with caring direction, a secure and safe environment to begin re-making themselves, they may just overcome all the odds.

For further information on any of the above donations please contact Kathy Graveley by phone at 303-693-1500 ext 226, by email or going to the donate now page.