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Help young women overcome a past of tragedy and access a future full of possibility..

Former Students


"Excelsior’s Aftercare program serves the basic needs of at least 75 Colorado young women annually to increase their access to affordable housing, self-sufficiency, medical care and higher paying jobs with career mobility.

Once a girl leaves Excelsior, no one pays for the Aftercare services. However, Excelsior is committed to provide these valuable services to these young women struggling on their own. Please help us fund this program. See Donate Now.

The Aftercare program provides emancipating young women the staff guidance and volunteer mentors to successfully transition to independent living.

  • Staff guidance to keep girls invested in their own futures
  • Volunteer mentors to assist, guide and encourage emancipating teens toward self-sufficiency
  • Basic needs – furnishings, rent, identification, job training, money management
  • Promote healthy lifestyles and expand access to health care for lower income girls

On-going activities include:

  • Aftercare Coordinator working with emancipating teens to determine specific needs
  • Aftercare Coordinator provides individual, family & group therapy, when appropriate
  • Provide each girl with Excelsior’s Resource Guide and thorough explanation of its usefulness
  • Assist in locating necessary basic needs- housing, medical, job
  • Follows discharged metro-Denver students who wish to participate to prevent future homelessness- provide specific counseling, life skills and access to health care.
  • Administer pre and post skills indicator tests and develop and teach employment and life skills.

Specific activities include providing guest speakers, training tools, field trips, job shadowing opportunities; develop community resources; facilitate and implement assessments; and assist students in evaluating their own potential.

Utilizing Excelsior’s Aftercare services, our young women can look toward sustainable economic self-sufficiency and self-reliance. It’s equally important to empower the girls with the knowledge of how to care for themselves successfully so they will not think they must rely on a partner. We want to keep the girls invested in their own futures.

Are you a former Excelsior girl and looking for assistance from the Aftercare Program? If so email Kathy Nadeau or call her at 303-693-1550, ext 272