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Excelsior High School December Graduation

Photo of Alina at Graduation

By Joan Gabrielson, Executive Director

On December 20th, students, teachers, parents, social workers and counselors celebrated the success of one very special student at our Fall 2012 graduation ceremony. Alina walked across the stage to receive her high school diploma to the cheers of her friends and relatives! The ceremony included a slide show of photos of Alina, her friends, staff and teachers and a video of Alina talking about her accomplishments. In addition, there were several songs performed by the Excelsior High School Choir.

Our speaker at graduation was Arnie Goldstein, “just barely retired” from his position as Associate Director/Director of Finance for Excelsior. Arnie worked at Excelsior for 25 years where he wore many hats. He coached the basketball team, tutored Math, was certified to distribute medications, listened to upset girls and occasionally ran the snow plow!

Alina enjoyed Arnie’s graduation speech and the many fun aspects of her big day. Prior to the graduation ceremony, Alina and her family enjoyed a special graduation luncheon in the cafeteria. After the ceremony, Alina was the hostess for a reception with cake, punch and lots of congratulations. Alina is currently working in the cafeteria at Excelsior and wants to go to nursing school.