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Excelsior Youth Center Teams Up with Inspirato's Inspired Giving to Support Young Girls

Luxury Travel Fundraising Initiative Will Support Treatment for Troubled Teenagers

Excelsior Youth Center provides effective treatment to troubled adolescent girls, and Inspirato takes people to global locations far and wide to experience luxury vacations. The two organizations have joined together in a new partnership through Inspirato's Inspired Giving online giving platform, The partnership helps Excelsior develop a significant source of year-round revenue for its work helping young girls who have struggled with social and emotional problems.

Inspirato's Inspired Giving was designed to help charitable organizations like Excelsior raise funds in a new way. Through this partnership, donors who contribute $2,000 to Excelsior's cause gain access to Inspirato's club-managed portfolio of vacation residences and unparalleled personal vacation services in locations ranging from Colorado and California to Hawaii and Mexico.

The Inspired Giving donation model benefits Excelsior in a number of ways:

For every $2,000 donated to Excelsior through Inspirato's Inspired Giving website, the donor gains one-time access to an Inspirato luxury vacation - priced at up to * 50 percent under market value, and without having to pay the $15,000 Inspirato membership fee.
* Inspirato contributes one Inspired Giving vacation that Excelsior can offer to raise funds. Of those contributed monies, 100 percent goes back to Excelsior.
* For every new Inspirato membership that is generated from an Excelsior donor, the company gives $2,000 to Excelsior as an Inspirato Inspired Giving partner.

On Feb. 24, at Excelsior's annual gala fundraiser, donors bought 15 Inspirato Inspired Giving travel packages, netting $48,000 in proceeds for the organization. The funds are earmarked exclusively for Excelsior's programs serving Colorado girls.

"We expect to lose $1 million in programming costs for Colorado girls this year," said Joan Gabrielson, Excelsior's executive director. "This year's fundraiser, our most successful ever, was critical toward helping to fill the financial gap that we are now facing."

The staff at Excelsior are widely considered the experts at treating troubled teenage girls from a variety of backgrounds. About half of Excelsior's current population of 150 girls comes from all corners of Colorado, and many of the other half are from California, a state whose human service organizations, school districts and mental health districts "love us and the way we return their girls successfully back to their communities, " said Gabrielson. Approximately 90 percent of girls who come to Excelsior successfully complete the program. Excelsior provides a continuum of care that includes short- and long-term residential treatment, day treatment, hospital diversion, hospital step-down, respite, outpatient and home-based services.

Jolene Reynolds is a former Excelsior student who was named a 2010 Excelsior Triumphant Woman. "I have to make sense of events that I went through, and my experiences put me in a very unique position to relate and help kids like me," Jolene said. Now a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse, Jolene is also working with high-risk adolescents in a violence and gang prevention mentorship program, and is raising her 12 year-old daughter.

For Excelsior's donors, the donation and vacation booking experience is simple: the donor is given access to Inspirato's Inspired Giving exclusive web portal,; selects Excelsior as the charitable organization of choice; and makes a tax-deductible donation of $2,000. That donor is then able to book a vacation to a luxury Inspirato destination and enjoy all that Inspirato members enjoy, including: personalized service from an Inspirato vacation advisor, an on-site destination concierge, and luxurious accommodations ranging from intimate, couples-only, one-bedroom retreats to large, well-appointed homes in excess of 3,000 square feet.

"As committed as Inspirato is to changing the landscape of luxury vacations, the company is equally committed to giving back along the way," said Jackie Benton, executive director of Inspired Giving. "We are in the fortunate position of bringing an innovative fundraising opportunity to Excelsior and helping to generate year-round, sustainable funding for its important programs."

About Excelsior Youth Center
After nearly 40 years, Excelsior is considered the expert on treating adolescent girls who have struggled with social and emotional problems. It is the largest residential treatment center in Colorado for troubled teenaged girls. Excelsior gets girls out of the hospital, out of detention centers, out of long term residential care and back to their families. Learn more at

About Inspirato
Designed specifically for a new generation of luxury consumers, Inspirato offers the best of destination club consistency and service, together with unmatched value, flexibility and low-cost membership. Our members have access to an ever-growing portfolio of luxury homes in the world's top destinations, including California, the Caribbean, Colorado, France, Hawaii, Italy, London, Mexico, New York City and more. By leasing vacation properties (rather than owning), Inspirato is able to keep membership fees low, offer up to 50 percent off market rates, and easily add homes and destinations as demand increases. Our innovative business model has led to rapid growth since our January 2011 launch, placing Inspirato at the forefront of the "luxury for less" movement. For more information about Inspirato, visit Find Inspired Giving on Facebook.