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Record Breaking December

By Kathy Graveley, Director of Development

The girls at Excelsior continue to be blessed with the generous spirit of our community of donors.

Thanks to you and other donors, December 2012 was a record-breaking year-end month for donations to Excelsior. In total, you donated $150,000 in cash gifts (an additional $68,700 value of in-kind donations from very generous folks). This is a significant increase from last December's $78,000 cash donations. We thank you for RESPONDING to the needs of our girls as we all work to raise awareness for Excelsior's mission!

Gifts included a wonderfully thoughtful donation to our Canine Healers program from Jana and Fred Bartlit. The Hadley and Marion Stuart Foundation and Molly Ross made significant gifts to support our Equine Therapy Program.

Colorado Gives Day on December 4 generated nearly $15,000 in donations and 25% of those donors were new to our cause. Fabulous!

The annual Board Challenge added another $45,000 in gifts that included Excelsior's Board members who challenged the community to support Excelsior's mission.

A Holiday Tea initiated by Maureen Regan Cannon and co-hosted by Jamie Angelich, Glory Weisberg, Bonnie Mandarich and Lois Paul raised another $14,000 to benefit Excelsior's Aftercare Mentor program for girls emancipating to independence. Dave and Glory Weisberg, well known Colorado volunteers and philanthropists, have 'adopted' the fundraising efforts for Excelsior's Aftercare Mentor program. They recruited fellow community leaders to serve on an Advisory Committee to strategize prospective funding opportunities. Excelsior welcomes this extraordinary community endorsement.

Especially meaningful was a $10 gift from nine-year-old Frances Murphy who wrote: "Here is ten dollars for Christmas presents for some of the girls. I'm pretty sure that this isn't very much, but I think that anything would be a lot better than nothing."

In these tough economic conditions, it is heart warming to know our community believes in Excelsior's mission to change girls' lives. We look forward to another financially healthy 2013 including the exciting Triumphant FACES Gala. Join us on February 22!