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Shenandoah Girls Go for the Gold!!

By Joan Gabrielson, Executive Director

While across campus, every cottage decorated for the Olympics, Shenandoah Cottage had their own special three week Olympic competition. The week before the International Olympics began in London, here in Aurora Colorado Shenandoah girls and staff worked on their Olympic size goals. During their "Building Community Group" sessions, staff and girls discussed the value of setting goals, how to develop short and long term goals, and how setting goals helps Olympic athletes. Each girl listed the strengths and skills she has that would help her reach her target objectives.

When the Olympics started, the girls and staff talked about the different Olympics athletes, and what short term and long term goals they might have set to achieve success. Each day the girls wrote in their journals and talked in group about how they were doing on their goals. Girls earned stars for each day they accomplished their goal. After one week, staff and girls, we reviewed how each girl was doing. Their peers offered feedback and girls talked about the challenges and barriers to success they were experiencing. Girls looked at their lives in general and what behaviors kept them from reaching their goals in every day life.

At the end of the three weeks, girls and staff had an awards ceremony, picnic and games at Cherry Creek Reservoir. Gold, silver and bronze certificates were awarded along with many honorable mentions. Congratulations to all of our Shenandoah Champions!!