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Volunteers Helping Our Girls Thrive with Confidance!

Thrive with Confidance Volunteers

By: Joan Gabrielson, Executive Director and Gwen King, Volunteer Coordinator

Most teenage girls struggle with self esteem issues. For girls who have experienced traumatic life events, their poor sense of self worth can lead them to engage in dangerous behaviors, ie: eating disorders, suicide attempts, cutting, substance abuse, prostitution or violence against others. So, when Brad Askren from the Thrive With Confidence Foundation came to us and asked if they could lead positive activities to increase our girls' self worth, we were excited to get started!

The Thrive With Confidence Foundation is an organization that provides personal coaching to help people reach their goals and originated from a business that Brad Askren founded called Thrive With Confidence. Their philosophy is: a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy soul are essential ingredients to happiness and confidence.

For our girls, Thrive With Confidence recruited business women to volunteer as mentors. The seven week confidence building program included: setting goals, journaling about progress towards goals, listing personal strengths and skills, determining what is important in each girls' life, learning about fitness and nutrition, skin care, natural beauty, manners & etiquette and much more. The girls participated in a day long soccer camp run by professional soccer players. Part of the Thrive program is about making a difference in the world which the girls responded to by purchasing and delivering flowers along with volunteering at Children's Hospital. Thrive calls this part of the program: Children Empowering Children.

The Mentors helped the girls fill out sample job applications and conducted practice job interviews. One session focused on learning to say no and setting healthy boundaries which is an important issue that our therapists work on with the girls. It is valuable for our girls to hear this message from other people who can emphasis the importance of this concept. The seven week program culminated in a beauty makeover by William Whatley, participating in a fashion show and enjoying a delicious luncheon.

A huge thank you to our volunteers Salina Mitchell, Rachael Popejoy, Sabrina Stanley, Desiree Gutierrez, Krista Kinn, William Whatley, Tiffany Steele and Brad Askren. And, congratulations to Thrive with Confidence which just opened a health & recreation center one mile from Excelsior. An Excelsior resident who had earned the privilege of getting a job in the community was hired by Thrive with Confidence Recreation Center as their Receptionist.