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Upon entry, each girl receives a thorough assessment and an individualized treatment plan that is re-evaluated on a regular basis. Excelsior’s continuum of care includes:

Outpatient Services

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Outpatient services are an important component of Excelsior's continuum of care and are designed to prevent or reduce the need for placement of the adolescent out of the home or community. Working from a Strength Based Care philosophy, the treatment team works with the client and her family to develop a treatment plan that is individualized to their needs and comprehensive in identifying community and family resources.

Day Treatment

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Day Treatment is an alternative for at-risk girls, ages 11-18 to prevent out of home placement and support living at home. Generally, these girls are behaviorally and emotionally stable enough to reside safely in their own home but struggle to function effectively in the public school setting. The goal is to provide a fully accredited school program with comprehensive therapeutic treatment services for the students, and increase their ability to return to and function successfully within a public school setting.

Short-term Intensive Residential Treatment

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Residential Treatment

Short-term Intensive Residential Treatment is a short-term stabilization program for girls struggling with safety but not meeting criteria for psychiatric hospitalization. Programming provides immediate intervention with troubled girls in crisis, including safe, structured residential care along with family and individual therapy.

30-Day Stabilization and Assessment

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Stabilization and Assessment provides a safe and secure environment to stabilize the girl within a short residential length of stay of up to 30 days and to provide a complete array of assessments to determine the needs of the girl and family/caregiver, make recommendations and connect them with additional resources.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programming includes individual, group and family therapy along with education in the North Central accredited middle and senior high schools. Evidence based, specialized therapy includes: substance abuse and relapse prevention, canine assisted trauma based therapy, bully prevention, Strength Based Care, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, offense specific treatment, trauma specific treatment, resocialization, independent living skills, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, sexuality, relational aggression, expressive arts therapy, Reactive Attachment Disorder treatment and life skills. Excelsior girls are also actively involved in nutrition groups, exercise  and wellness activities, recreation, arts and crafts, music, spiritual counseling, team sports, and cultural activities.