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Dog Therapy

Canine Healers

Mission: Paws 4 Trust's mission is to help youth experience the power of compassion, unconditional love, and respect through the relationship of a human-animal bond. Through the experience of socializing and interacting with companion therapy dogs and handlers, our goal is to promote responsible caretaking of all animals and encourage healthy, positive human-canine interactions.

At the close of this happy and emotional eight-week session there is a bond between the selfless volunteers, their dogs and the girls. The unsung heroes are the Paws 4 Trust volunteers: Leader Jeanne Schoech with Benjamin, Marcia Eckhardt with Logan, Shirley Durnal with Timber, Sara Epstein with Boomer, LeAnn with Tazer, Katherine Madden with Scanner, and Linda Wanlass with Gibson.

Paws4Trust Leader Jeanne Schoech reported from this last session: "Sometimes we don't see a remarkable change in the girls we are teamed with (and sometimes - oh yes indeed - we are privileged to see that change and that's when the sun shines). This last session was very meaningful to the handler. It touched us all. Ben and I were teamed with Sandy B. She was so patient and kind to Ben; just what that young pup needed. I watched Sandy as her confidence and enthusiasm grew as the weeks passed and what was on the inside began to be evident on the outside (her physical appearance actually changed). I don't think that Ben and I made this difference, but I think we may have contributed a little. It was a memorable time for us. And a privilege and gift to be part of the difference Excelsior is making in these young girls' lives."