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30-Day Stabilization and Assessment

Excelsior’s stabilization and assessment offers a safe and secure environment to stabilize girls within a short residential length of stay, up to 30 days. The program provides a range of assessments to determine the needs of the girl and her family/caregiver, so that Excelsior’s trained staff can make recommendations and provide appropriate resources.

Students who benefit from stabilization and assessment:
  1. Girls ages 11-18
  2. Girls who are struggling at home and have demonstrated they are a danger to themselves and/or others
  3. Girls whose behaviors are beyond the control of their parents or caregivers
  4. Girls not responding well in public school and/or with existing mental health services
  5. Girls whose parents or caregivers have serious concerns about her problems and safety
  1. Standard mental health, academic and life skills assessments including: Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scales-2 (RADS-2), Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment, and the Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI)
  2. Psychiatric evaluation completed by an Excelsior psychiatrist to assess the girl’s history, level of functioning, presenting problem, medication history and effectiveness of medications as well as responsiveness to treatment and various levels of care.
  3. Psychiatric diagnosis.
  4. Medication supervision (when needed) and consultation with the girl’s treating psychiatrist.
  5. Customized treatment plans developed by a multi-disciplinary team and tailored to the girl’s needs to promote successful reintegration into the community.   
  6. Psychological assessments (when needed).
  7. A complete physical performed by Excelsior medical providers, and assessment for any medical needs.
  8. Recommendation for services and resources from Excelsior therapist.
  9. Milieu/social interaction assessment.

Once a recommendation is made, Excelsior’s continuum of care offers flexible and individualized options to meet a girl’s needs as appropriate. Referrals are accepted from county human services agencies, school districts, juvenile courts and families placing privately by contacting the Admissions Department at Excelsior.