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Short-Term Intensive Residential Treatment

Short-term Intensive Residential Treatment is a short-term crisis stabilization program for girls struggling with safety but not meeting criteria for psychiatric hospitalization. Programming provides immediate intervention with troubled girls in crisis, including safe, structured residential care along with family and individual therapy.

Students who benefit from Short Term Intensive Residential Treatment:

  1. Girls ages 11-18
  2. Girls needing stabilization
  3. Girls in high-risk situations (runaway, suicidal, substance abuse)

Admissions & Evaluation

Intake and admissions are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Upon admission, an initial treatment plan is developed in concert with the placing doctor, agency, therapist, mental health agency staff and Excelsior admissions staff.  Medication, if applicable, will be obtained from the placing physician or family.  Excelsior’s medical staff also conducts a medical assessment within 24 hours of admission.  

Continued placement will be determined by daily utilization reviews. Within 24 hours of admission, an Excelsior psychiatrist evaluates the girl and conducts a medication review.  If she has a community psychiatrist, Excelsior’s psychiatrist will communicate with him or her. If requested, an Excelsior psychologist also completes an appropriate psychological evaluation. 


A therapist is assigned to each girl admitted for daily meetings to discuss treatment planning and implementation, communicating with the placing agency and providing individual therapy and family therapy. Her therapist will contact the family or guardian within the first 24 hours and will communicate with them daily if this is therapeutically indicated.

Girls also participate in specialized therapy groups. The girls are eligible to participate in wellness programming, religious services and recreational programming, and may participate in equine and canine therapy as requested.

The girls live in a structured, positive environment and are allowed privileges and responsibilities according to an established level system.

Crisis Intervention

Should her behavior indicate that she is a danger to herself or others, Excelsior will provide girls with services in the Treatment and Learning Center (TLC) and/or our Intervention Unit. If her immediate behavior is dangerous to herself or others and she is not responding to verbal de-escalation, she may be physically managed by staff trained and certified  in the nationally recognized Crisis and Prevention Intervention techniques. 


Girls participating in short-term intensive residential treatment attend school at Excelsior's middle/high school during weekdays as their behavior and circumstances allow. 

As the needs of a particular girl change, Excelsior offers a continuum of care that allows for treatment adjustment if needed.

Length of stay is based on daily utilization reviews, unless otherwise specified.

Short-Term Intensive Residential Treatment